I am anew customer at Sears and I bought my furst set of tires. I Had trouble picking the right tires online and then waited well over an hour for them to be put on. do you guys hsve customer service training?


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  1. When it comes to picking out the right tires, there are several factors to take into consideration: Type of terrain that is in your area, weather conditions, how often you travel, etc. Its best to look into these things before making a final decision. Secondly, what you pay for is what you get. If you buy cheap tires, don't expect them to last too long. However, the most expensive tires will last longer but not as long as you think since there is a good chance that you are just paying for the name and not the quality. As a former Tire Technician at a Sears Auto Center, I have to say that it is not uncommon to wait to have tires put on. The fact that we get these "rushes" at times where there are many customers waiting to have their vehicles serviced and that if we were to hurry through each vehicle, something could potentially go wrong which could cause an issue. My advice is to go to your local Sears Auto Center during a time where its the least busiest and you should have no trouble getting in and out of there. Lastly, I have been through much training during my time in the Auto Center so its not a lack of knowledge, but just a little patience and understanding that quality work does take some time. Hope I have helped in addressing your concerns.

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