I am furious! Sent my sweeper off to be repaired with a clear statement of problem Sweeper supposedly fixed until I tried using it. Incomplete repair. Should not have to pay for any part of second repair as the first repair was misdiagnosed by tech. Ready to report sears to Better business bureau. Ready to close all accounts. I have been a faithful customer for 40 years. Just bought $5000 worth of appliances and have purchased many over the years. Really Sears. They made the mistake they( you) should make it right.


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  1. Hi yeltac! Welcome to MySears! Thanks for posting your concern today. I am so sorry to hear that sweeper was not fully repaired. Have you tried contacting the folks over at Sears Home Service to let them know your sweeper is not repaired properly?


    They will be able to set up a new appointment to ensure this is taken care of.

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