I am in need of a good washer/dryer that was built to go as a team. Not a combo where one is on top and the other on the bottom, but they were made to be used together, first the washer and then the dryer. I have purchased the Kenmore HE washer/dryer on pedestals when they first came out and I loved them. I went for the paid that were front loaders, not too many options, but just the right amount of options (water level, spinning speed (which was the best, you could hear it start off slow and gradually increase sped until it was going so fast the washer would lock and it had a whirling sound to it the washer sounded like it was going to take off. This was about 5-6 years ago. I had to sell them, but I am not in the market for another washer/dryer. I like the fact that certain models have a washer and dryer pair that were made to go together. I need an electric dryer. the largest items I would be washing/drying are queen sheets/and maybe an occasionally queen comforter. I use Oxy-Clean in nearly every wash, and I am very determined to maintain the washer/dryer as the manual states. I used to clean out this first HE pair I had, make sure no mildew grew, and occasionally put it through a cleaning cycle with no cloths, just water and a little bleach.

The latest model. I do not know who makes what models anymore, but I used to always go for Kenmore, but I hear a different company is making Kenmore now. I am disappointed that Sears does not service the units it sells anymore that it has another company service them, and the way they do it it takes twice as long to get the units diagnosed and fixed. I am a single man, so I do not need a super heavy duty washer/dryer, but I need the quality and not the bells & whistles, but the bells & whistles that are the basic options. I would like a Speed Queen but I do not think Sears sells this brand. Some options that are on sale and go together would be appreciated.


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  1. 1: Sears doesn't outsource service. You will have service performed by either a Sears van-driving technician wearing a Sears shirt, or an A&E Factory Service van-driving technician wearing an A&E shirt (A&E is a division of the Sears repair organization). Nobody else does repair work for Sears.

    2: There have been various manufacturers for various Kenmore appliances ever since Whirlpool ceased being the sole manufacturer of Kenmore appliances. Today's Kenmore front-loaders are made by LG and Electrolux (4413X and 41102). Kenmore top-loaders are built by Whirlpool. Kenmore Elite top-loaders are built by LG.These are major players in the laundry appliance market.

    3: The new diagnostic systems in LG-built washers and dryers means that diagnoses can be made directly through the phone instantly. It's been a long time since drivers carried tons of parts on hand, or took a customer's word for it as far as what the issue in an appliance is to determine the parts required. Trusting someone's say-so is unfortunately unrealistic, as it results in lots of unnecessary parts being sent to customers without being able to take them back should the customer's amateur diagnosis be wrong. We wouldn't expect an insurance company to cut a check because we tell them there's $X of damage based on anybody's word alone. They check it out. By that same principle, we check it out first, too. Some people will try to tell you this is bad service. This is REALISTIC service, when dealing with the sheer volume of repairs being performed. This isn't Jim Bob's local repair service, where one guy losing one part to someone's amateur diagnosis isn't that big a loss. We're talking about MILLIONS of customers with literally BILLIONS of products, and we're servicing all of them. Following the one-man-company margin of error would bankrupt the repair organization.That wouldn't be good. :)

    4: Frequent use of oxy products is good. It keeps the washer clean inside. Keep doing that, no matter which machine you end up with.

    5: Kenmore, Whirlpool, Maytag, LG, and Samsung are all good products that deserve your consideration. All of these brands have products that will serve you well. Good luck.

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      I am not sure why I do not get emails telling me when there is a new reply, but I appreciate your post. Just so I am clear, can I order the matching front loader HE washer/dryer and whatever else I need online? the place I have for the washer and dryer is smaller than what I did have so I am not able to use the pedestals. Just so I am clear, your recommendation on the best washer/dryer matching set is ??? would you recommend a front loader opposed to a top loader? Now that I can't use the pedestal, being 6'4", I am wondering if a top loader should be considered. I have not found a good top loader like the Kenmore front loader HE I had 5 years ago. they were awesome machines. the bells and whistles were minimal, but I am not into those if they do not serve a vital purpose. I loved the way the washer spun the clothes and the sound it made, such a sound of perfection with the various spinning speeds. I hardly needed a dryer. How can I order the electrical 3 prong kit for the electrical matching dryer? Do you recommend I invest in the stainless steel braided water hoses or just use the ones that come with the washer. any top loader that compares to the top of the line LG (which I recently read is a great machine)

      Finally, what do you think about what Lyle says about the drain pump clean out filter below. Is it vital that one be able to access this? I guess this is in the washer and rather then things accumulating under the rubber lip like the washer I had when HE first came out, this is where things can accumulate? I am very eager on a good, solid, basic, washer HE, if they still make this type that can accommodate queen sheets and the matching dryer and also you recommendation in the top loader category.

      sorry if you have given me this information, but I am now confused since I have been trying to order a set and ran into troubles with the checkout process. Will Sears install these for me?

  2. Kooler1,
    Since you have had the He washer and dryer on pedestals, I would recommend you check out the washer 42330 and the dryer 82330. They are made by the same manufacture as the He washer and dryer you had. They can be mounted on pedestals like the He set you have owned. The pedestals are 15 1/2 inches tall. I believe this pair of washer and dryer will measure up to the standards you require.

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      Bill-W- Why do you not recommend the units Lyle recommends? is it because of the stacking issue? I am not opposed to stacking, that is just not the units I have had in the past. I have seen several friends with stacking units in their condos and they work well for them. I am concerned about doing larger loads, and just the Kenmore HE units I had 4-5 years ago were incredible machines, at least the washer was. the spinning function was amazing the way it was gradually wind up and over time depending on the cycle selected the bin would sound like the most crafter helicopter getting ready to take off. The sound to me was a good sign and that of perfection in the spinning cycle, which makes the dryer has to work less. Do you know if they make the Kenmore HE units like this anymore? if I want to use electricity do you know what I need to order in addition to the units so that they can be installed by whomever Sears uses?

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      I recommended the same washer and dryer HE types you had, only improved. They look very much like the he3 washer and dryer set you have had in the past, and I believe you will be very pleased at the improvements made to this matched pair. As I said you can install pedestals model number 52722
      on this HE washer and dryer.
      The washer will use 120 volt standard wall outlet and the dryer power cord will need to be purchased for the type electrical outlt you have in your home.

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      BillW- Having trouble finding this matched pair. Actually I measured the area I will be using for the washer/dryer and it will not allow me to have the pedestals. Are front loaders meant to be on pedestals or is it personal preference? Being 6'4, I liked the pedestals, but if the front loader is a better machine, I can bend over. I am curious to hear your suggestion on top loaders. The numbers you gave in your post above or those by Kenmore?

  3. You are correct that Kenmore is using additional sources to manufacture some of their products (including washer and dryers). All manufacturers of the Kenmore appliances build the products to meet the expectations that are established by Sears. I am confident that the new manufacturers are building products that are dependable and efficient. I encourage you to stick with the Kenmore brand. Based on your details, I recommend that you consider the Kenmore washer model 41172 and the dryer 81172. Those models are compatible for stacking using the stacking kit KTSK1. I recommend that washer because it has a direct drive motor for the spin basket. That type of drive system is dependable and efficient. I prefer that type of drive system over the belt drive models. I have a similar model of washer that has basically the same components. I have been using it for 3 years with no problems. It will wash a queen comforter and all of the other loads that you described.

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      Lyle-Thanks for the help. I might have not used the correct terminology. I do not want to "stack" the washer and dryer but as with my last set, they were each on a pedestal that I had to get separately and they were side-by-side. I would think they were too heavy to stack. I would need someone who knew what they were doing to stack the washer/dryer for me due to an illness I have. The washer & dryer I am looking for are not necessarily compatible for stacking, but the set was built to be used together--like a combo washer and dryer. I do not know the exact term, but maybe now I am explaining myself correctly that what I am after is more clear. Like the Kenmore HE white on pedestals looked as if they were meant to go together. Not that I am into the way they "look" together, but I think some models have a washer and dryer that were built to be used side-by-side. it might not even matter if I am not going to stack them, but I alway thought a stackable model(s) are usually smaller and usually are not able to wash and dry well large items. maybe this has changed due to the newer technology.

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      The Kenmore models that I suggested will also work in a side-by-side configuration. They could also be mounted on pedestals. I recommended those models based on the price and the accessibility to the drain pump clean out filter. That is something that I recommend that you consider when buying a washer. That model that Bill recommended has a front panel that does not allow access to that drain pump clean out filter. That filter can get clogged with lint or coins. The Kenmore model 41772 has a compartment on the lower left portion of the front panel that can opened to access the drain pump clean out filter. The price on that model that I recommended is also much better than the Whirlpool model. Although they are full sized models, that dryer can be stacked on top of the washer. The dryer is lighter than the washer. If you choose to stack them, you should be able to arrange that through the installation division when you purchase the new washer and dryer. I hope that this additional information helps.

  4. Hi Kooler1! Nice to see you here today! Please check back soon with a reply from fellow members and an expert to help you choose the best washer/dryer for your needs.

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