I am interested in buying an electric water heater yet the description states it is not \\\’Energy Star compliant\\\’. What does that mean? I want to buy the most energy efficient but not sure the one I\\\’m looking at is the one that is the most efficient.


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  1. Energy Star is a program run by the DOE and EPA to increase efficiency of appliances, electronics, heating systems, cooling systems, lighting products, and so on. To be compliant with Energy Star standards, a product must use X% less energy than the federal limit for that type of product. The most efficient Energy Star compliant water heaters will be the GE GeoSpring hybrid water heater (50 gallons), Kenmore Elite hybrid water heater (80 gallons), and Kenmore Elite hybrid water heater (60 gallons). These are heat pump water heaters, which essentially mount an air conditioner on top that draws warmth from the air and injects it into the water heater, which is more energy efficient for keeping water warm than the traditional elements are. It can run with elements only (highest demand), hybrid (elements for quick heating, heat pump for maintenance), or heat pump only (low demand).

  2. You have received some good information about Energy Star. I'm attaching a site you can access [] for water heaters. It will give you some good information and shows a variety of gas and electric water heaters. I hope this will help you.

  3. You might want to ask about the recovery time, if you need lots of hot water fast.

  4. Hi bniedererr,

    Great question! The term "Energy Star" is a government backed symbol for energy efficiency to help all consumers save money such as energy bills as well as protecting the environment.

    Feel free to ask questions on these products before making your choice. We have a very knowledgeable Sears Cares Team who can help narrow down your choices especially if you are looking for specific water heaters.

    Hope this helps a little bit ;)

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