I am ordering bikes online can I bring them to the store to be put together

I am ordering bikes online but they do not ship to store. I need to have them put together. Can I bring them to the Sears near me and have them assembled?


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  1. Best bet is to call your local store. It is their call.

  2. Some stores assemble store-stock bicycles for customers on special request.

    However this normally can only be done with store-stock items before being picked up from the store's holding area (merchandise awaiting pick-up)

    There are liability issues with the store accepting merchandise that has already been "delivered" to a customer and therefore unaccounted for in the stockroom

    Such as losing the unaccounted bike while performing a free service.
    The individual store would then bare 100% of the cost for an outside sell item.

  3. Bicycles at the stores are assembled by a third party, and they are only authorized to assemble the bicycles that are the store's property. They are not authorized to assemble bicycles from anywhere else. The store associates are not authorized to assemble bicycles, as there are liability issues that they are not insured for, nor is the store.

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      Actually a few stores do employ a tech that assembles bicycles.

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      Interesting. I wonder if it's based on sell-through rate? The more bikes you sell, the less cost-effective a store-based assembler becomes.

      • San Jose, CA

    I'd try calling your nearest Sears store to see what their policy is on assembling Internet sales items in that store. It would be a customer service/ good will thing, that is doable, assuming the store is not already swamped with store purchased assembly items to do.

    Good luck.

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