I am so disappointed in K-marts new television ad. It is so morally wrong I will never shop there or sears for that matter. In today’s world there is enough alternative stores that I do not need set foot into either one of these stores again. I purchased a drill from sears which I will be returning for multiple reasons. One of which is that filthy commercial and another is that this company is corrupt and money hungry that they are opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day. I understand that Sears / K-mart have made poor decisions and are having a difficult time keeping their doors open but to open on Thanksgiving day shows what they really care about. What they care about is the bottom line and cash in their pockets, it is so obvious that the poor employees that work for this corrupt company are just pawns in their money hungry empire. I will never patronize your stores again. Don’t bother with your fake robotic response to this post because I will not change my mind because someone comes on this site and rights and pathetic excuse for an apology. Have a wonder Thanksgiving especially to you poor SHC employees I am sorry this is not directed at you and the times I have had a legitimate customer service complaint you have always done a fabulous job. Unfortunately the people you work for have one thing on the mind and it is not you or the other employees it is all that delightful money. this is the commercial some may find it funny but me and my family find it morally unattractive and quite distasteful.


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  1. Hi there I_have_options1!

    Welcome to MySears! Thank you for your feedback on the commercial. We regret if it was not your style.

    As far as being open on Thanksgiving, we are staffing with teams & seasonal associates. This gives associates the chance to make some extra money during the holiday, which many appreciate.

    Thanks again for your feedback!