I am upset with Sears! I went to the web site to purchase a generator, added one to the cart and came back later that day to enter the credit card info. The price had changed by $70.00. The catalog still had the original price. Customer care would not give me the catalog price. With your price matching policies, why would you not match your OWN advertised price?


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      • San Jose, CA

    Well. They're are other retailers that sell generators.

    I heard that Sears is rushing in emergency power generation, clean up wet/dry vacs, sump pumps, and flashlights to storm affected areas to help people with managing the storm and all of the aftermath.

    Nothing was mentioned about other retailers coordinating and delivering good in a similar way.

    1. Here we go again! The other retailers don't have to brag about themselves like you do. The other companies just went in there and did what they could do to help the storm victims. They donated their supplies, not sold them at a 10% discount! So I guess you are telling this customer to get lost because she has a reasonable question?
      Is that what you do? A customer has a question and you don't want to answer it so you tell them to get lost! Or better yet buy one of your craftsman x-mas ornaments - ha ha! The other retailers must really like you AdamO cause the more you talk the more arrogant you sound and that just sends customers to their stores.

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      I'm not bragging about myself. I don't have any shop vacs, sump pumps or generators to give away or sell.

      I'm looking at a Craftsman and a Craftsman Professional pair of stainless-steel Shop Vacs.

      But, up until now, haven't even posted anything about my interest in them.

      The Craftsman Shop Vac has a suggested retail price of $89.99, with the Craftsman Professional Shop Vac listed for $199.99 in a sears tool catalog or on an OSH store shelf.

      The lower priced vacuum uses a 1-7/8 inch diameter hose, while the more expensive unit uses a FULL 2-1/2 inch diameter hose and all of my existing 2-1/2 inch hose vacuum pickup accessories.

      Can someone "brag" about their new Shop Vac?

      • San Jose, CA

    Was that a "paper" catalog product price?

  1. Nhkern,

    My name is Kiera and I am a part of the Sears Cares Team and we are truly sorry for the pricing complications you’ve encountered with your generator. We understand how frustrating it is to expect to pay a certain price only to be advised that you have to pay more. Furthermore, we apologize that you weren’t provided with the necessary customer service needed to resolve this matter. We would like to contact you and assist you with this situation. Please send us an email containing your preferred contact information, including the phone number provided at the time of purchase, to Please include your FB screen name (Nhkern), so we may expedite your request, and we do look forward to working with you.

    Kindest regards,

    Kiera J.
    MySears Social Media Moderator
    Sears Social Media Support Team

    1. In response to SHC-KieraJ

      E-mail has been sent. Thank you!

  2. Hi nhkern! We can get you in touch with a SearsCares team member to have them look into this for you. Check back on this thread shortly for a reply. Thanks!

  3. What catalog are you referring to? Is it the Craftsman tool catalog (print edition)?

    1. In response to BlueCrewGuyInMA

      No, the online catalog. The actual web site. The web site was still showing the lower price, long after the cart updated the price.

        • San Jose, CA

      In response to BlueCrewGuyInMA

      I hear the sears Tool catalog is going to be "virtual" this coming year.

      The Good news is the sears AUTO CENTER, CRAFTSMAN, DieHard and CRAFTSMAN CLUB have collaborated to come up with a HOT RIDES 2013 Car calendar, for only $4.99 for SYWR/CRAFTSMAN CLUB members and $9.99 for "others".

      • San Jose, CA

    You had an opportunity to purchase the generator earlier in the day.

    Time passed by.

    The Internet price either went up or a sales ceased and the price changed.

    I thought everyone was excited about how FAST the Internet is and how efficiently one can order a product.

    Fast service and slow pricing changes. Got it.

    The good news is the generator was apparently still "in stock".

    Did you end up purchasing the generator?

    1. I agree. I love the internet, how fast and easy it is and the convenience of ordering it online and picking it up at the store. What I don't like is ordering something from a "catalog" at one price and finding out it's a different price when checking out. The price was still at the lower price in the "catalog". The two databases need to be synchronized better. I did not buy the generator. Not sure if I will buy it from Sears now. I would have accepted the price change and paid the higher price, had the two databases matched. The "catalog" still listed the lower price. Isn't that an advertised price? They match other retailer's advertised prices, why not their own?

    2. Should you have followed the 'old' site you would know that "in stock" does not always mean, to Sears at least, that they actually have the item in their possession but it could mean that they think they may be able to get it. There were several instances of this reported, one to me personally.

        • San Jose, CA

      In stock, for a special order, to a fully stocked and ready manufacturer's factory.

      In stock for a US Made item coming "a little sooner" than an Asian "in stock" item.

      Sometimes, electing a "store pickup" option and expanding the search (up to 300 miles) can allow you to poll the inventory of all the stores in your area, too.

    3. AdamO have you ever heard the word SHUT-UP! Do you think by confusing the issue this customer will to away?
      Wait- You told her to go else where so you can keep your Asianmusaoptioninventorystock item all to youself.

        • San Jose, CA

      Hey... Good to hear from you. How's everything going with you? Have you gotten any of those Craftsman ornaments yet? I'm pretty sure they're Internet orderable. Nice to hear from you.

        • San Jose, CA

      How's the construction business going for you? I hear that you're working on a new complex!

      The only method of successfully "shutting me up", without hard feelings, would have to have been being offered some Cookies during a meeting.

      I'm very quiet while eating and DO NOT talk with my mouth partially filled with a dee-lishious chocolate-chip cooky in it.

      Do you have any chocolate chip cookies?

      It seems the holiday "gold coins" work, too.

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