I am writing in regards to a lawn mower purchase that has gone very bad. We purchased a Craftsman mower from the store in Independence, MO and used it for one season (maybe 5 times). Upon the first use the next season we checked the oil, and filled with fuel and started the task of mowing. After about 3 passes in the yard the mower suddenly shut off after making a loud noise and started smoking. We instantly started looking for the cause of the issue, oil ok, fuel ok and hadn’t run over anything in the yard. We tried to restart and the mower seemed frozen. We called customer service and were directed to drain the gas and take the mower to the store so it could be sent to the service center. We received a call from the local service center who promptly told us the repair wasn’t covered and would cost nearly 1/2 of what we paid for the mower to repair. The cause they say is because there was no oil in the mower. I explained over the course of several calls and visits to them that the oil spilled out all over my garage when I drained the gas. They really didn’t care or seem to believe that this was the case even though I explained that I had pictures of the mess I had to clean up afterwards. Long story short they eventually sent it back to our store without every letting us know where to find it. On a whim we stopped in the store to see if it might be there and they found it in the back. We explained to one of the employees the situation and they appeared willing to just replace it at the store however they didn’t have any similiar models on hand so this did not happen. The situation is very unfortunate but this is not a case of a customer lying about the care of the machine. I have the pictures still of the clean up that shows the oil mess I was left with. At this point we were able to use the mower for roughly 5 mowings spent over $300 for the mower and it sits in the garage unfunctional and I could buy a new mower for the cost of the proposed repairs. Someone please help make this situation right and validate that we made the right choice in our decision to purchase this mower from Sears.

Craftsman Easy Walk – brand: 917 374551 product: 030711M003851 service order: 40076788


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  1. I so sorry for the problems you are having with the mower. It sounds like the problem started with you drainning the gasoline. As I under stand the situation the problem and lound noise when the engine stopped happened before you drained the gas. If the mower is tilted the wrong way oil can leak out. Using a turkey baster to drain the gas is a trick to remember in the future. The photos may help. I'm curios as to how the determination that the damage was caused by running the engine with no oil was made. There are ways to determine if the damage was caused by running the engine with no oil. My suggestion would be to be persistance and call the 1-800-549-4505 customer service line.

    1. In response to SHC-FredM

      Thank you for your reply. They have told me that the engine has a crack which is caused by not having oil. Since the mower was sent to them without oil in it they don't believe that it was in there prior to me draining the gas. Unfortunately I am aware of the fact that people lie to gain on their behalf. However that is not the case in this situation. When the initial loud noise happened and the mower shut off my neighbor came over to check the mower. First thing that he checked was the oil (3 times) and it showed right in the middle of the hash marks.

      This issue seriously is not due to my lack of taking care of the machine as was noted in the maintenance manual. Spending $300 (on sale) for a mower that sits in my garage useless and only used 6 times is insane. My old lawn boy push mower still works and it is 15 years old so I do understand the need for taking care of these things. I'm not trying to pull anything over on anyone...but I firmly believe my mower had some kind of defect given that I did take the care in making sure the oil was maintained. Had I known that the oil was going to pour out the side of the engine when I drained the gas I would have taken pictures in advance.

      I appreciate the suggestion of calling the CS line however I have gone round and round with the service center here to no avail. They are more than willing to fix the mower for $200+ and in all honesty for that amount of money I will cut my loss and buy another lawn boy that I know will last for more than 6 mowings. In my final attempt to get this situation corrected I am going to the store where I purchased today in hopes they can do something to correct this issue...if assured I will never purchase anything with moving parts from Sears again. What a disappointment...

      • San Jose, CA

    You may want to re-post your mower problems to the Craftsman Community website.

    There are members there that are quite adept at gasoline engine powered machine diagnostics and repair.

    You first step would be the refilling your oil reservoir with the proper type and amount of oil.

    They should be able to take the additional steps from there.

    Your machine's Owner's manual is loaded into the Manage My's manual section for the Craftsman Club Members to refer to.

    Be sure to mention whether last season's gas was left in the mower's tank.

    Good luck.

  2. Hi jlwlan,

    I am sorry that you had undergone a negative experience with the repair process of your lawn mower and my hopes are that we can help change it into a more positive one by providing more information on this specific model.

    Are you looking for maybe the pro's and con's of this purchase for feasible future repairs? Or possible suggestions of another great lawnmower in lieu of repairs for this specific lawn mower?

    I have forwarded to our Sears Lawn and Garden Experts to see if they can provide you more detailed information. We appreciate you providing the Model number for this will help to provide you with more accurate troubleshooting tips on how to proceed.

    Please check back periodically for a reply from one of our Experts.

    Thank you!

    1. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      Thank you for the response...however I believe you really missed the mark with your canned response:

      "Are you looking to for maybe the pro's and con's of
      this purchase for feasible future repairs? Or possible
      suggestions of another great lawnmower in lieu of
      repairs for this specific lawn mower?"

      Given the "great" experience with the mower I have sitting in my garage at the moment...I do not require a sales pitch for a replacement mower. If I am left with no other option but to replace this mower I will be purchasing from another retailer without a doubt...unfortunate but true.

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