I bought a brand new kenmore drop in range and did the LP conversion. The top burners work good, but when you turn on the oven, orange and blue flames are rolling out the bottom with smoke and filling the kitchen with gas. Someone please help


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  1. fourlranch,
    I am sorry you are having a problem with the new range. Without a model number, I can only give general information. Usually when this happens, it is because the hood orifice is not closed enough and too much LP is coming out. If you did the conversion yourself, I recommend closing the orifice more. It will seem tight but you need to turn it a little more. If you had the conversion done, I recommend having them come back and make the adjustment. Please let me know if you need further assistance. Please include the model number with the reply, Thanks Mark

  2. Hi fourlranch! Check back soon for a reply from our Appliance experts to help troubleshoot this for you. If you could also post the model number of this range, that would be useful to get this issue pinpointed correctly. Thanks!