I bought a Kenmore dishwasher model# 66513213K901 that was working find til last week. While running, the curcuit breaker was cut off midcycle. Whether the dishwasher caused this I can’t determine, but I flipped the breaker back on and it ran fine. Now the dishwasher has quit midcycle again, but the breaker is not been tripped. The dishwasher simply will not power on. Is there a reset switch, or something else I am missing?

This dishwasher is less than 3 years old and is rarely used more than once a week


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  1. Hello harrynoy, The first thing I recommend doing is to locate the house circuit breaker dedicated for the dishwasher and reset the breaker by flipping it off and on 2-3 times and then see if the dishwasher will power up. If it does not power up, the voltage supply at the dishwasher will need to be measured and confirmed. At the bottom front corner under the tub is the electrical junction box where the power supply is connected. The white and black wires are connected to the power supply with plastic wire nuts. Flip the breaker off before removing the lower access panel and the screw securing the junction box cover. Remove the cover and remove the two plastic wire nuts. Check the wiring connections. If the wiring connections are Okay and not corroded or burnt, the voltage supply will need to be measured with a voltage meter across the power supply. If 110-120 volts is measured, then the dishwasher could have a faulty thermal fuse/disc inside the control panel preventing the dishwasher from powering up. I recommend calling a service technician to diagnose and repair your dishwasher if you're certain the dishwasher is getting the proper voltage supply.

  2. Welcome, harrynoy! I am so sorry your dishwasher isn't working properly. I think an Appliance Expert should be able to let you know what the issue is here. Please check back soon for a response from an Expert.