I bought a Kenmore Elite wall oven and a countertop elite microwave that sits above the oven. The clock display colors do not match. The oven display is a bright blue that is blurry. The microwave display is a greenish blue. Is there any way to correct he blurryness of the oven display? What gives with the different colors?


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  1. HI Bsmith5281! Thanks for posting your question today. Can you provide model numbers for the oven and microwave? This will help our Appliance Experts to give the best answer. Thanks!

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      Oven 790.48083000
      Microwave 721.79203010

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      The ranges tend to have a brighter display, which can create the appearance of blurriness. The microwaves use a different, dimmer display. The displays are not adjustable on either appliance (or most appliances, for that matter). Often, the microwave, whether countertop or over-the-range, will have slightly different display colors, as most microwaves are not manufactured by the same company that makes the other appliances. The only exceptions to this rule are LG and Samsung, who manufacture microwaves (though Samsung itself does not actually manufacture its ranges).

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      I agree with the above comments by BlueCrewGuyInMA. That oven will have a brighter display that can appear to be blurry. You can try cleaning the glass in front of the digital display to reduce the blurry appearance. Use a soft cloth dampened with mild detergent or window cleaner to wipe that area. Use a dry, soft cloth to polish the glass after cleaning it. This may help resolve that issue if that glass had residue or grease build-up in that area. I looked at the displays for these two appliances. I see the difference in the color and intensity. I checked the manuals and I agree with BlueCrewGuyinMA regarding the fact that they cannot be adjusted for intensity. There does not appear to be a way to match up those displays for exact color and intensity.

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