I bought a mulcher kit for a 46 inch cutting deck on my craftsman lawn mower and the blades and plug do not fit.

My tractor has a 6 point star lug and your mulcher blades has only a 5 point star


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  1. HAWK1946,

    I am sorry you are having a problem with the mulch kit. We offer two different mulch kits. Each one fits a different model tractor. If the mandrel shaft on yours has a 6 pointed star you need kit number 07133060000. This kit has a different plug and the blades have a 6 pointed pattern in the center. You should be able to purchase the kit at your local Sears store. I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you need further assistance.

  2. Hi HAWK1946! Welcome to MySears! I am going to send your tractor question along to the Lawn and Garden experts for an answer. If you could also post the model number of your tractor, this will ensure that you receive the most accurate answer for your inquiry.

    In the meantime, the Expert will post right here in a bit with a general suggestion or two on getting that mulch kit attached. I will send you an email letting you know once he replies.