I bought a new Kenmore Elite Steam Washer 2 months ago and it has ruined a lot of clothes. The clothes come out of the washer with threads pulled and torn and the material puckered. What can be done to correct this? Can I get it replaced?


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  1. Sorry for the dealy getting an answer. Provicing a model number always helps but most newer washers, both front load and top load don't have a full size agitator so it is difficult to hurt the clothes. I suspect you are not overloading the washer thougth that might cause the problem. I would check the water level during the wash. If the drain hose is to far down the standpipe water might fill and drain at the same time. If this happens then the lack of enough water might cause damage to the clothes. You can reply with any additional details for further assistance.

  2. Posted on the first and it is now the ninth with no answer from an 'Expert'. It would seem that this site is about as fast as Sears repair service!

  3. I am not sure what the return window is. It may be 90 days, should this be correct call the store tell them you want to send it back and get your money back if you can.

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      Lots of luck getting anything out of Sears
      As soon as Sears sees that this post isn't favorable to their service watch how fast they delete it...
      Try finding my "Sears flooded my basement and wants $100" post

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      We didn't remove your post, JoeCrowthers!

      Copy and paste this link to view it, and a response from the SearsCares team looking to help:

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      I just posted to your post, 3 days ago. Other than the Sears folks trying to contact you, there doesn't seem to be any activity on the topic.

      Are YOU going to update the post to let others know of the terrible things that have been happening to you and how things are getting resolved?