I bought a new Kenmore stove in 2010 and have a concern about the stovetop. When I am boiling water or have a burner on between 7-HI the area around the burner all the way to the other burner is extremely hot. The front of the cooktop is also very hot. I did notice this when I bought it but it seems to be getting worse over time. Today I actually burned my hand on it which is why I am now trying to get this figured out. Is this a defect or how this stove is. Thanks.


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  1. The radiant elements under that cooktop have temperature limit switches that will protect the ceramic glass and prevent the cooktop from overheating. You should see that element cycle off occasionally even when the setting is on the highest level. If you are not seeing that element cycle off at all then you may have a problem with that element (which includes that temperature limiter component). If that element does cycle off occasionally then it is probably working normally and the temperatures that you are experiencing are probably normal. Make sure that you are using the proper size of cookware on the burners. The size of the bottom of the pot or pan should at least cover the glow of the element on the cook top. If a small pot or pan is placed on a large burner then the pot or pan will not be able to absorb the heat coming up off of the ceramic glass cooktop. The surrounding area around the element will heat up to a higher temperature in that situation. Checking those issues may help you resolve this problem. If you need more help or have more questions, post some additional details.

  2. Hi dmg75! Welcome to the MySears Community. Thanks for your question. Can you please post the model number of your stove? This will help the Appliance expert troubleshoot this issue for you.