I bought a top of the line Samsung front loading washer/dryer set from Sears a few years ago. I’ve tried every product and method to eliminate the smell the front loaders have. I’m over it. Does Sears have any trade-in programs? I’m looking for just a good ol top loading set with no rubber.


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  1. I would point out that no one has yet answered the original poster's question " Does Sears have any trade-in programs?" I cannot answer either as I do not know, although I believe the answer is negative. Admittedly Ms Samsung acknowledged she was not answering the question posed, as have I. BCGIMA I am surprised you did not answer the question but just gave maintainance suggestions, that is rather unlike you. My views on the design failings, as I see them, of the front loaders that Sears offers for sale are well known (except perhaps the Samsung models as I have yet to physically 'see', or even view photographs of, the spider and interior of the outer drum), so I will not repeat them here.

  2. You can't get rid of the smell because these new front loaders don't use enough water to wash out all the dead skin cells and lint so they start to rot. You can try all kinds of things but there will still be residual left to start rotting again.

    I agree with you a top load is the way to go. You need water to dilute the waste product produced by washing socks and such. It is pretty obvious that the Sears employees aren't going to help you, I suggest a small neighborhood appliance dealer that will appreciate your business.

    1. In response to ServiceLocally

      1: Implying that we're being dishonest and don't appreciate our customers and their business is, in itself, dishonest and unappreciated. 2: Front-loaders use enough water to do the job properly. 3: If there isn't enough water in a front-loader, why is my four year old front-loader, housed in a wet basement in an old house, fresh as a daisy inside after regular use over those four years? Shouldn't my machine be exhibiting horrible odor if what you're saying is correct? Is my washing machine magical, or am I outrageously lucky? When, exactly, should I expect odor? First year? Second? Third? Fourth? Fifth? Sixth? Tenth? Fifteenth? If you're right, my machine should stink. If I'm right, then doing the things I suggested should have prevented the odor. Either I'm outrageously lucky (according to your understanding of how odor occurs in front-load washing machines), or I'm right. I don't buy into luck, myself.

  3. Hi Mctunc,

    I'm sorry to hear you're having an issue with odor in your washer. In addition to the advice that BlueCrewGuyInMA offered, I would add that some Samsung models available a few years ago may have other features that can help control odor, such as SilverCare or ActivFresh. If your washer has either of these options, adding them at least once or twice a week to loads you're already running can help to prevent odor. It's important to note, however, that the silver bars that enable these features have a life cycle of either 1000 or 3000 cycles, depending on the model, so if you've been using it but it's no longer effective, this may mean it's time to replace the silver kit.

    Running Sanitize cycles with bleach can also help to remove the bacteria that can cause odors. Wiping down the gasket and door seals with a diluted bleach solution, and cleaning the detergent drawer with warm water can also help to remove odor-causing bacteria.

    I realize you weren't asking for maintenance advice, but these tips may help address the issue you're having if you haven't tried them already.

    Best wishes,
    Ms. Samsung

  4. Some basic troubleshooting: was HE detergent being used? Was the appropriate amount of detergent being used? Was the door being left open when done doing laundry? Was the PureClean cycle being used regularly? These are the most common causes of odor in front-load machines, all of which can easily prevent such issues.

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