I Can’t Believe Sears Sells …

The game Brew-opoly!

To play Brew-opoly, you buy or trade your favorite beers and increase property value by purchasing Brewpubs and Microbreweries for your monopolies.

I had no idea that they made games like these! What a great Father’s Day gift!

Not the game for you? They also have Wine-opoly,  chocolate lovers - Chocolate-opoly, and even a Dog-opoly for all those dog lovers!

What a great find online for they do not sell these games in-store, I know, for I looked in my local Sears store!

I even put a few of these games on my “wish-list” for upcoming Birthdays!

Have fun playing!



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  1. How cool! I have never heard of this. What an awesome idea! Adding to my wishlist too, great gift idea for my husband!