I didn’t want to cancel my order , the order number is: 78400471575000 That’s the sales number and the Item is Sportspower 12ft Trampoline with 3-Arch Enclosure and Flash Light Zone

I Also send back a Trampoline enclosure , In Jan. I Got The Wrong Thing I Haven’t Heard anything else from them They didn’t put my money back on my card ?


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  1. Hi fchristy96,

    Thank you for reaching out through the MySears Community!

    Are all 3 posts dealing with the same item? In the 2nd post you mentioned you had sent it back through UPS, is this referring to the Trampoline? In the the first and last post you mentioned refund, still the Trampoline?

    I have sent all 3 posts to our Sears Cares Escalation Team for I want to make sure all the issues are taken care of at once. They will do what they can to help resolve if a refund or where your order is if it has not been cancelled.

    Please check back shortly for a response back by the team reaching out to help you further.

    Thank you!

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      Team has replied - Refer to original Post