I had a horrible delivery experience the day before Thanksgiving. I purchased a stearns and foster king size mattress and the delivery team, tracked snow all over my house, knocked down a wall sconce, put a gouge in my wall and left many scuffs all over my walls. The delivery team never apologized. I contacted mr. Inman who is vp of customer service twice, and have never heard back. I included pictures with the email. I also called customer service, they logged the complaint and filed a claim, still a week and a half later, no one will contact me. This hands down has been the single worst delivery experience in my life. Please contact me.


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  1. Boomersooner1,
    My name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Cares Escalations team. We thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We certainly can see why you are so frustrated with what has occurred with your mattress delivery. We would be happy to have a case manager contact you and address your concerns. At your earliest convenience, please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Boomersooner1), phone # used at time of purchase to Again, we do apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to speaking with you soon.
    Thank you,
    Liz R.
    My Sears Community Moderator

  2. Hi Boomersooner1!

    Your concerns are very important to us and we thank you for taking the time in sharing your feedback with us in regards to the issues you had with the your mattress delivery. I understand completely how frustrating this had been for you and would like to put you in contact with our Sears Cares team to help you further.

    Once a member from our team responds, I will let you know via email with a link directing you back to this thread for further contact.

    Again we appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention in the MySears Community.

    Thank you!

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      You have been the first person to respond. THANK you,

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      I am happy that you have reached out to us today so that we can help.

      Please keep us posted if you have any issues.

      Thank you!

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      Here it is December 27th, and I still have no resolution, my case manager is off the days I work, and will not respond to email. My house is still damaged, Spirit Delivery and Sears Customer service have done NOTHING to resolve this matter. I expect a substantial discount if I even keep the mattress at this point, if not I will return it and NOT pay the 10% restocking fee. This is absurd. I'm scared to death of having you back in my home to remove the mattress due to the amount of damage you will do when you brought it here. How much will you do when you take it out? This experience has been horrific, including a call from my rep, stating since she hasn't heard from me and I haven't responded to an email from Sedgewick that they were going to close my case.

      1) it was a delivery issue so per a rep named Coletta, Sedgewick does not need to be contacted.
      2) a damage claim was opened the day the item was delivered.
      3)I have never received said email from Sedgewick.
      4) Spirit delivery and the supervisor named Eric, will not return my calls, I have spoken to him twice, he told me he would call me back about setting up the repair work and a discount, this was 3 weeks ago.

      Please somebody do something. I feel like I am in a bad John Grisham novel being ignored and passed off until I give up. I will not give up, please understand that.

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      Hi there, Boomersooner1! Thanks for the update! I will be sure to pass your feedback on to the appropriate team who can help.


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      Boomersooner1, We thank you for informing us about this. We apologize for your continued frustrations. We have forwarded your post over to your case manager for review. Again, we do apologize for the inconvenience and troubles this has caused you.
      Thank you,
      Liz R.
      My Sears Community Moderator

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      March 3rd, no contact from anyone at sears other than emails asking me to rate my interactions with customer service reps that have NEVER contacted me. I haven't heard anything from anyone other than you LIZ, My home has still not been repaired. Are we pushing this off to 2015. As a customer that spent almost $2k, who had their home damaged by a sub contracted sub par delivery team, I should not be the one to have to follow up. It is your responsibility, not mine. I am the customer and truly the victim here. Never again will I walk into your stores or ever make a purchase again. I still expect someone to bring some sort of resolution sometime this year.

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      Thanks so much for your update, Boomersooner1. I am sorry to hear this has yet to be resolved. I have forwarded your comments along to the team. Look to hear from someone soon!

      Thanks again!

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      We're sorry your issue has yet to be resolved. We'll ensure your case manager receives your message.

      Thank you,

      Brian H.
      MySears Community Moderator

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