I had a issue with an alignment and other work done to my vehicle.. no resolution to my issue yet.. Had district manager to call and ask if anything has been done.. NOTHING.. What can be done about this… just brought new tires about 4 months ago.. they are going bad already.. Need a resolution to this.. spent toooooo much money to be buying tires in a year.. or less..

had ball joints done on both sides as well as an alignment oil change and 4 tires and many others done too..


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  1. Hi teebrook! Nice to see you on here again. I am sorry you are still having trouble getting your issue resolved. I have sent your update on to your case manager. Look to hear from her shortly. Thanks!

    1. In response to SHC-JulieK

      thank you so much .. I am needing to get tires really soon.. the work that was done should not be messing my tires up.. alignments last longer than what they suggest you to have them done..
      I have 2 tires that are looking brand new on the outside and down to the wires on the inside.. something was not done right.. for that to have happened like that..

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