I had pictures taken at sears and then they closed. NO ONE can tell me where my already paid for pictures are? I want to figure out where they are, they are my daughter’s 1st bday, something I can never get back!


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    "Sears Customer Service Escalation Team 1-800-573-8431 Give them a chance you won’t be sorry!"

    A couple of numbers I'm sure Sears doesn't want you to have. I also had my sons pictures taken at a studio they are now telling me that the pictures will be in on the 3rd of May. This is the third time the date for store pick up that my store has given me.

      • San Jose, CA

    What is CPI Corporate's number and email contact numbers.

    They REALLY should be part of this party.

    1. I have contacted them with emails, and phone calls and can't find anyone to answer to even ask them!

  2. Hi badkit17! We were sad to hear that CPI Corp, Sears Portrait Studios operator, closed all their U.S. stores without much notice. Have you spoken to the manager at your local store? They should be your best resource to helping to find your pictures.

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      I have talked to MANY, MANY managers!!! They won't tell me anything, except maybe I should go take pictures somewhere else! So are they saying I am not getting my pictures OR MY MONEY BACK?!?! I just want a # to call the picture place and they won't give it to me!!!!!!!!!

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