I hate this Smoke and Mirror stuff Sears is doing to pretend they care. Just go back to selling quality and stop the ” Your call is important to us ” stuff .


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  1. To civsci, Oh really? Maybe I used the wrong word, should it be retailer? Whatever the word it's all the same JOBS! That was the only thing you responded to was that I used the wrong vocabulary. What about the rest of it? You did not respond to the problems that I wrote about. All you do is try to embarrass me by pointing out my misuse of a word. So let's try again. Do you agree that Sears has sent a majority of it's jobs overseas to China? TonyH is right you use smoke and mirrors to hide behind.

  2. Hi TonyH I agree with you about Sears. They have changed their whole online site just to get rid of the negative feedback from us, the consumer. It's amazing that one day you go online and can't find one post you had in the day before. I think Sears was surprised at all the negative feedback. I guess they were thinking every one would get online and sing praises about the company. WRONG! When a consumer is treated poorly and without respect after they have spent their hard earned money and if the product doesn't work Sears still gives the consumer a hard time. It's time for Sears to stand behind it's product regardless where it was made and live by the standard that other successful companies do that the customer is always right. Greed in any form kills any business. C'mon Sears remember where you got your start! Go look in your archives and apply it to today's service. To start bring back some of the manufacturing to the USA.

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      Sears is not and never was a manufacturer.

  3. I have to agree with you. My description is 'a kind word and a pat on the head', but real action to put the system/situation right, forget it!

  4. Hi TonyH! Thanks for posting your feedback today. This site was created as a pipeline to hear real customers thoughts on what you like or don't like about Sears and your shopping experiences there.

    We are here to assist with customer service issues or product complaints, along with being a great resource for shopping guides and ideas.

    Please feel free to let us know any specific issue you have had, and we will do what we can to help.

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      Tools: Craftsman's Lifetime warranty used to mean the tools were so good you wont be back. Now it means we sell junk and hope you will get tired of bringing them back.

      Cross wrench for the Lugs on car tires. They are light weight junk compared to the one I bought 30 years ago. I wont buy one for my kids from Sears. I'm sure it will look like a pretzle the first time it's used.

      1/2" drive ratchets: I own a long handle ratchet that I bought in the 70's. I broke it the other week... Brought it back, Sears doesn't sell the long handle anymore. They offered me a standard sized one in it's place that has a horrible feel and the 'Tighten/loosen' button sticks up higher then the old ratchets so when you are using it you constantly hit that button and reverse the direction. Not to mention I wanted what I had.. a Long Handle ratchet. Probably designed and made in China.
      For christmas I got a 'holding tray' it has a magnet on the bottom of this tray so you can stick it to the metal fender of the car and as you put hardware in it, it will hold teh hardwarefrom falling.. Well the magnet is so weak it barely works. In fact if I put a Fender protecting pad over the fender and try to use this tray, it doesn't work. More Junk.
      I have two older sets of tin snips (red and green handle) They are dull and shot, I went to bring them back only to find that Sears no longer carries the warranty on them. Sears took the Lifetime Craftsman tools off the shelves (with their warranty) and now only sells Sears (no warranty) snips.
      And here I am on a website that will get me know where other then possibly a Sears Rep. saying they are sorry that I am unhappy but if there is anything else they can help me with, don't hesitate to write. Smoke and Mirrors.

      The very few tools you do sell that are as robust as the old days are so expensive, I can buy even better ones from Snap-On for that money. I basically gave up on K-mart..I mean Sears.

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      You mean the same Snap-on that moved most of its production overseas? Link 1: Link 2: Link 3:

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      You mean the same Snap-on that moved most of its production overseas? Just search for "Snap on overseas"

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