I have a 24hp rider when I turn the key to start it, the engine does not turn over-just a whining sound that is not very loud. Thank you for any and all help.


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  1. o Marley123123,
    I am sorry you are having a problem with the tractor. Based on the symptoms you are having I recommend trying to turn the flywheel by hand in either direction. This will ensure the engine is not locked up or the starter gear is not jammed in the flywheel. If you can turn the flywheel, by hand leave the hood up and try to start the engine. If the flywheel turns a little and stops, try to turn the flywheel backwards until you feel resistance. Then try to start the engine. If the flywheel turns until it gets back to the compression stroke the problem is either a weak battery or the valves need to be adjusted. I would try to jump start the tractor off a car first. If it does the same thing, adjusting the valves will likely cure the problem.

    Please let me know if you need further assistance.


  2. Hi Marley123123! Thanks for posting your question today. I am sure a Lawn and Garden Expert can help troubleshoot this issue for you. If you could also post the model number of your tractor, that would be useful to pinpoint this problem accurately.

    Check back soon for a reply!