i have a black stove and i was cleaning it with a sponge (on the green abrasive side) and i scratched it real bad!! is there any way to fix that?? please help


3 answers

  1. In the future, please make sure to use only non-stick-safe products (sponges with white or blue scrubby material). No steel wool, dark green abrasive pads, SOS pads, wire scouring pads, or other scratching materials. And, don't use abrasive cleansers, like Comet or Ajax. I always recommend Barkeeper's Friend as the strongest thing to use on a stove. Which part of the stove was scratched? How scratched is "real bad?"

  2. Hello kayleedawn828. I am sorry to hear that you had that problem with your black stove. I recommend that you try to work those scratches out using a rubbing compound for cars such as Clay Bar. Test the polishing or rubbing compound on an inconspicuous area before using on the top, visible portion of the stove. If you have some paste car wax already lying around, then you may be able to get the scratches out with that.

  3. Hi kayleedawn828! I am going to pass this one along to our Appliance Experts. If there is a solution, they will be able to tell you! Check back soon for a reply. I hope they can help!