I have a Craftsman 9HP 28 inch snow blower with the auger stuck in the ON (down) position. How do I release it?


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  1. Hi Ralph, the rod that engages the lock probably came dislodged from pushing the handles apart while throwing snow. This gold colored rod is located under the cowling between the handles. The warranty is two years for snow throwers but its an easy fix if the machine is out of warranty.

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      Is this something I can do by removing the cowling?

  2. Hello Ralph, I'm sorry to hear that your auger engagement handle is stuck in the on position and I would like to assist you. There is a return spring under that retracts the cable, it is under the access port in front of the engine. This spring could be broken or have unhooked from it's mount. Check the cable routing to verify that it is not pinched or bound where it passes through the chassis. Another potential issue is with the handle itself, if it has been bent or damaged it could be binding with the handle and not returning to the disengaged, up position. If you cannot find the cause of the problem, I recommend calling Sears Home Services at 800-469-4663.

  3. Hi RalphC29! I think a Lawn and Garden expert can help with this one! Check back on this thread in a bit for a response from them. If you could also post your model number, that is useful in narrowing down the issue. Thanks!