i have a craftsman garage door with a wireless keypad and a couple remotes. right now it is not currently working. i will reprogram it with a new code and it will work once then it goes back to not working with the keypd or the remote opener either.


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  1. geoffsoof,
    I am sorry you are having this problem. Based on the details you submitted I recommend clearing all of the stored codes in the logic board. First locate and hold the learn button down until the light on the logic board goes out. This will erase all the codes in the logic board. After you erase all the codes, you can reprogram all the remotes one at a time. Once you have all the remotes programed check the operation of all the remotes and keypad.
    If this does not work, please reply with the model number off the unit and more details. The model number should start with 139. followed by at least five other numbers. I need all the numbers.

    I hope this is helpful.

  2. Hi there, geoffsoof! Thanks for posting on the MySears Community. I think the Garage Door Opener Experts should be able to help you to re-program your remotes. If you have the model number of your opener, that would be pretty useful in ensuring you have the most accurate answer.

    An Expert will be by shortly with a reply. Once he posts, I will notify you via an email which includes a link back to this thread.


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