I have a craftsman garage opener with remote about 7 years old. Everything was working fine and then one day the remote on the wall does not light up so I can not open doore by remore.

The door cannot be opened by manual remote or wall remote. There is no light on the wall remote.


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  1. Hi Pomelo, The wall remote has its power from the control head hanging from the ceiling of the garage and since you say your handheld remote is not working, it would seem the control head is not working. Use a extension cord from a known good outlet and plug the control into it and see if the lights on the wall control come on or if the overhead lights operate. If the power to the overhead is good, the logic board inside of the overhead may have gone faulty. If so I would suggest you call this number 1-888-266-6317 and have a technician out to repair the garage door opener. Good Luck Bill

  2. Welcome, Pomelo! Thanks for posting your question today! I will pass this along to our Garage Door Opener Experts to help answer. If you could also provide the model number of your opener, it would be super useful to the team so they can accurately pinpoint the problem you are having.

    Check back soon for a response!


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