I have a craftsman Lawn Mower Model 917.370441. I am unable to get it to start with the electric start, only the manual start. I’ve left it plugged in for over 24 hours. It makes noise but doesn’t sound like it’s really trying all that hard. Is there anything I can try or do I need to take it back? It is still under the 2 year warranty.


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  1. Checking voltage can be difficult and tricky. If you take the mower in they can check it out. A repair center would be your best best. You can find the closet at You can also call 1-800-424-2047 for additional help with this problem.

  2. Thank you for your question. The problem might be the charger, battery or starter. The place to start would be checking voltage to the battery. Check the terminals to make sure they are secure to the battery. If you have a volt meter you can check the battery voltage right at the battery and see what it is (should be 12volts). If it's not the correct voltage on the battery, plug the charger in and make sure it is putting out enough voltage to charge the battery. It could be the charger or the battery pack giving the problem.

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      Thank you for your quick response. I'm not sure about being able to check that stuff myself. If I took it into the Sears store that I purchased it at, would they be able to take a look at it for me? It's less than a year old and has a 2 year warranty.

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