I have a Electronic Reciprocating Saw Model 315.171020 and I need the block that attaches to the shaft to put blades in, Your parts site and the person I talked to said it is not avaible and no substute was listed can some one resarch this

I would think the newer replacment would work


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  1. You got the best information from this forum about the fate of your old reciprocating saw. Lot of decent reciprocating saws on the market these days for either a bit over $100 or even under $100 that have a more reliable one-hand blade clamp design. Craftsman, Ryobi, Dewalt, Ridgid etc all have something within a casual users budget. Now you just have to match the amperage with the actual expected useage. Cordless reciprocating saws are useful when no electric power is available but rarely matches corded models for power and endurance.

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    I found the owner's manual on the Manage My site's Manuals section.

    The manual is dated April 1995.

    Is the blade clamp completely missing or "parts" of it are not working.

    The design of Reciprocating saw blade holders has really moved on dramatically from this type of blade holder. And, I do not see the adapting of a new blade holder, without some serious redesign and machining work being done.

    The Ryobi company manufactured this 315 model tool.

    The price of new Reciprocating saw is quite competitive and well within an average DIY'rs budget range.

    Models vary from Craftsman C3 battery powered recip saws, that'll slide a full sized game people into "quarters" to a corded Craftsman recip saw that will work as long as the plug has power, all the way to a Milwaukee Sawz-All that is designed and built to do construction/ destruction work.

    All you existing investment in blades should transfer over to the new recip saws.

    The nature of the blade holder change is in the "quick loading and release features" of the new blade holders.

  2. I am sorry, but the parts person was correct and our team has researched this part with the manufacturer. They confirmed that the design has changed over time, and the part is no longer available, and unfortunately there is no known substitute. I'd have to recommend replacing the saw in this case, unless you are able to unearth this part somewhere else.