I have a Frigidaire Ultra-Capacity 7.0 cu. ft. Gas Dryer SearsItem# 02690902000 | Model# FAQG7001LW. The heat duct face plate inside of the drum has turned from silver to black.

I’m starting to see residue on my clothes. What’s causing this? Can it be repaired? How much does the part cost? The dryer is still under warranty, is this covered?


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  1. That heat duct face plate will normally discolor over time. Using dryer softener sheets or fabric softener (in the washing machine) can cause a build-up of fabric softener residue on that face plate. That type of residue will normally not come off and be deposited on the clothes. In your situation, the discoloration may be caused by an air flow problem in the dryer. Check the exhaust air duct path to the outside of your home for any restriction or clog that could be inhibiting air flow. Make sure that you clean the lint screen before starting each load. I also recommend that you clean that lint screen with water and soft bristle brush. That will remove fabric softener residue and other debris that can build up on that lint screen to inhibit air flow through the dryer. You can clean the face plate with a ScotchBrite pad and then run the dryer with no clothes added to exhaust any residue out of that face plate area. This should prevent the residue from continuing to appear on your clothes. After following the above troubleshooting steps, see if the problem returns. If it does, then you may have a component problem in the dryer that will need to be examined and repaired by a technician. As long as the dryer is installed and maintained properly, that type of failure should be covered by the warranty.