I have a gas stove that is not heating but the stove top works fine. What could this problem be?


2 answers

  1. If the gas top works then likely the gas supply is okay. If the overn burner does not light then check for a glow from the ignitor. If you see a glow and there is no flame then the safety valve is likely at fault. If you notice no glow then the ignitor might be bad. If a model numbre is provided I may be able to pull up more information and offer more specific checks to make to determine the problem. Thank you for using mySearscommunity.

  2. Welcome, Ryany! Thanks for asking your question today on the MySears Community. Can you also provide the model number of your stove? The Appliance Experts could help to determine your issue more accurately with that information. In the meantime, they will be happy to offer up a general prognosis as to why your stove isn't heating up.

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