I have a GDO Model #13953975SRT1 and the remote stopped working. I changed the battery and followed the instructions to reprogram it but it does not work. The hard wired push button works and the outside keypad works. I purchased a new remote and that does not work either. When I press the red learn button, the little light comes on but it does not seem to be able to read the remotes. All I can think of is to replace the logic board? Any other tests I can do to diagnose it?


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  1. Hello Maineruss, the garage door opener came with two hand held remotes, if neither one will work, check and make sure the "Lock" feature was not set on the wall control. If it's locked, neither hand held remotes will work. If the lock light is not flashing, then it's not locked. I would try activating the "LOCK" feature by pressing and holding the "LOCK" pad for 2 seconds and see if the "LOCK" push button will flash. If it does flash, then press and hold the "LOCK" button until it quits flashing. This would confirm the "LOCK" light is working and it's not locked. If you do not have both hand held remotes or if you do, and both will not work. To program the remote and I would try the old one first, press and release the "Learn" button and it should glow steady for 30 seconds. While the "Learn" light is lit, within 30 seconds press and hold the button on the hand held remote. When release the "overhead lights" should flash and you should hear a couple of clicks indicating it learned the code. If it does not work, I would have to suspect a faulty logig board. I hope this works for you. Also, make sure have the correct new remote, it should be a "Security+, model 139.53680. You may even want to consider a new GDO rather than spending the money on a new logic board. I hope this helpful.

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      Thank you. I did check the lock setting and that did not change anything. It looks like either a logic board or a new opener for me. It is amusing to me that the other door opener in the garage looks to be about 25 years old and it still works fine. Got to love progress.

  2. Hi there, maineruss! Welcome to MySears! Thanks for posting so many details-this is super useful for the Garage Door Expert to help determine the next steps for your Garage Door Opener repair.

    The Expert will visit shortly with an answer. Once he responds, I'll be sure to send you an email so you can view the reply.


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