I have a G.E. side by side refrigerator freezer with water and ice dispenser. The water stopped dispensing a few days ago, everything else is working fine–Model #AL 251244–what can I do? The motherboard was replaced two yrs ago for a similar problem


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  1. Hi jos2pr,
    If your dispenser has ceased operation the problem could be as simple as the door connectors are loose or become dirty. The connectors are located behib=nd the toe kick panel on the bottom of the refrigerator. Simpply unplug the refrigerator from the wall outlet and remove the kick panel. Disconnect and reconnect the harness connectors there. If this helps you with the problem let me know. Bill

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      Hi Bill, I tried to disconnect the hose at the blue junction but it won't diconnect easily. Do I use a tool and does it push pull or screw in and out? Thanks for your help''Jose

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      Hi jos2pr,
      The fitting you are working with is called a john guest fitting and this carries the water to the dispenser. If you look at the connector you will see a ring arounf the tube. Use a small screwdriver and press it in towards the body of the connector. Then pull the tube out of the connector. When disconnected use a small pan to catch the water and activate the dispenser and see if water comes out of the tube. If water comes out of the tube your problem is in the door tube.

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      Bill, I finally figurd out hou to disconnect the water hose. The water lever on ther door was pushed and water shot out from hose(I had a pot to catch water,Ha! Ha!)Smile...I than reconnected the hose but it still did not work so I went to the next step--I got my hair dryer and heated the area on the inside of the door(took a guess as to where the water tray must be)and when I felt that the area was nice and warm I plugged in the refridge and Guess What(everything is fine)..Thank You Bill for your input--you're # 1
      Have a nice day.....Jose

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      So glad you were able to get that up and running,jos2pr!

      Thanks for the update!

  2. Hi jos3pr! Thanks so much for your question! One of the Appliance Experts can help figure out this issue for you. Check back soon for a response for them.