i have a kenmoore smart wash he 4t and it wont turn on unlock or run at all the lights just blink even after unplugging it and re plugging

It stopped before it drained and won’t drain or anything


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  1. The not draining might be the main problem. A model number always helps get the best answer but most of these models had an access panrl across the bottom held by two screws. Behind the access panel is the drain pump. There is a filter you can remove and check for debris. Unplug the washer first as there will be water when the filter is removed even if the tub is empty. Another possible cause of the problem is the door switch. Does it help to open and shut the door? I'd suggest you check the drain pump filter first.

  2. Hi, bryanm322. Welcome to MySears!

    I believe an Appliance Expert can help troubleshoot. If you could post your model number, that would be useful for them to pinpoint the exact issue.

    Thanks for sharing your question here!