I have a kenmore 3 door frig/freezer model #795.77314600. Problem with frost & ice build up in bottom freezer. Is there a defrost computer board that needs to be replaced or something? Frig is just 5 years old. board

The fan has been making a VERY loud noise which gets quieter after a few hours, but starts back up LOUD again shortly. Yesterday I got up & the temp setting read Er on the frig side & FF on freezer side & would not reset. After being unplugged all day it did reset back to normal settings. HELP!


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  1. If you’re seeing the Er FF error, it indicates the freezer fan is not turning. It may clear itself if you unplug your refrigerator from the wall for about 30 minutes. So long as you keep the doors closed to the unit throughout, this should not be so long as to cause your food to spoil. However, if the error code does return, you are almost certainly going to need the unit repaired, with either the board you’re referring to replaced, or perhaps another fan part. If so, I recommend a repair by Sears Home Services, which you can request by calling 1-800- 469-4663 or going to their web site.

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      It did clear itself & has not returned. What about the frost/ice problem? Right now it seems to be fine. No frost or ice since it defrosted itself while it was unplugged, but if it were to return do you think replacing the board would fix the problem? I don't want to spend a lot of money on repairs & then still have to buy a new refrigerator. Thanks.

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      When the fans are running and the air circulates the problem of ice and frost will not become a problem, only when the fans are not moving the air. The problem could be in the controller for the evaporator defrost system and not the control board. I would recommend checking the controller first.

  2. Just for the record that appliance is manufactured by LG.

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      I now know this. Wish I knew that when I bought the refrigerator. I would not have wasted my money! :(

  3. Hi Dneedsomehelp! Thanks for posting your model number-that will help to troubleshoot this issue. I sent your inquiry on to to the Appliance Expert, so check back on the thread shortly for a response.