i have a kenmore 30″ elelctric builtin oven, while cooking the code F9 came up and oven shut down, there went pumkin pies that were cooking, do not know what code is and what to do

oven would work again in about 20 mins but would again shut down with same code


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  1. The F9 is usually accompanyed by a E0 in the display The F9 E0 error code will usually occur during installation, but it could also appear at a later point in the appliance life if a bake
    element, or any of the electrical connections within the circuit, should malfunction, become loose, or disconnected. The
    circuit from L1, through the Bake and Double Line Break relays, and the Bake Element to the L2 side of the circuit is used
    by the appliance whenever the unit is plugged in to verify a 208/240 volt, grounded, uninterrupted circuit. If this circuit is not
    operating correctly, an error code F9 E0 will appear.

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    What is the long model number of your appliance?

  2. Hello wfwiii! I love pumpkin pie and and I'm sad to hear you had problems while cooking yours. I'm going to reach out to technician and get you some solid advice. Give us a little while to get an answer for you. Thanks!