I have a Kenmore 790 stove and the oven quit working this weekend.

It just ran out of extended warranty in November 2013 and for some reason the oven no longer heats up. the broiler and all of the burners work. I am not very reassured after reading about all of the problems with this model range. I purchased the extended warranty to make sure I wasn’t left with a pricey repair and as soon as the warranty expires the oven quits working.
I would never buy the Kenmore appliances again since the dish washer I had on the same extended servide agreement has stopped working on the heated wash as well.
I am vbery unhappy about this and will not recommend kenmore to any one if this cannot be resolved.
I have two appliances both quit as soon as the service agreement went off.


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  1. Hello Steiner49er, I'm sorry to hear about your Kenmore range and dishwasher. If the range is gas, one of two possible failures has likely occurred. The bake glow bar igniter could be too weak to pull enough current to open the oven gas valve or the electronic oven control may have failed. If it is gas range, the oven bottom can most likely be removed as well as the flame spreader. You can remove the oven floor and then start a bake cycle and watch to see if the glow bar bake igniter is glowing or not. If the glow bar is glowing red and the gas valve does not open, the glow bar igniter is likely too weak and it would need to be replaced. If the glow bar igniter is not glowing, it could have broken igniter or faulty electronic oven control/clock assembly. As far a the dishwasher, I would need additional details in order to have a better understanding of the symptom. You said "heated wash" as stopped working. I'm not clear in understanding what it does not do. If you could add the model number of the range and dishwasher, I can provide additional information.

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      I have the electric range.
      I need to determine if the control board or the element has failed and haven't pulled the back off yet. I should be able to OHM the element and tell what the problem is with a volt meter.

      The dish washer will not heat up to pass the wash cycle.
      I am unsure of the model off hand but if I leave the hiogh heat wash setting off it will cycle through all the way on high heat it rwashes forever trying to reach 130 degrees.

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      Thank you Steiner49er for adding the model number of your range. Ok, it's an electric range and the most likely failure is the electronic oven control. You can disconnect the power and then remove the rear panel from behind the oven and control panel and make a visual inspection of the bake circuit wire connections at the bake element and on the electronic oven control/clock assembly. If you do not find any darkened or burned wire connections, then disconnect the two wires from the bake element and check across the male terminals for Ohm resistance. If you have experience in safely measuring voltage, you can start a bake cycle and measure across the two terminals with the bake element connected. The voltage should be 220-240 volts. If it does measure 220-240 volts, the bake element is open. If it does not measure 220-240 volts, the clock/oven control is faulty. As far as the dishwasher not heating, it could have faulty heating element or a faulty control board. You can make the same test on the dishwasher as the range but your looking for 110-120 volts across the heater during heated cycles or during the dry cycle.I hope this helpful. If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to ask.

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      thanks for your helpful information.
      I will do some testing after work today.
      It is just too bad It had to happen 2 months after the extended service agreement went off.
      I will never waste my money for extended service agreement again.

      the dish washer is a kenmore mod#587.15149403
      I am an electronic tech and am use to working on computers and TV etc.. but not much experience with appliances so I will have to get a little advice as I work through these problems, seeing as I am always broke and cannot afford a service call.
      Thanks again for your quick response.

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      I ran home for lunch and tested the baking element and it is an open circuit.
      I will have to order a replacement bake element for the range.
      I'll look at the dishwasher later.
      Thanks for all of your assistance.

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      Stiener49er, here is tech sheet for you dishwasher in PDF form.

      This will be helpful to you. And don't forget to to check the voltage to bake element on your range. When an oven element goes out, it can take out the control board too.

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      The bake element was open on the range so I replaced it and it pre heated fine.

      I checked the disk washer heat element and had continuity.
      I noticed a burnt looking connector where this temp switch is in series with the element and the feed had power and the switch had continuity.
      So I reassembled the connections and am running it through a cycle to see if the heat works.

      I think it was a loose connection where the temp switch is connected

      Thanks again for your assist, if the dish washer work we will call it a hat trick

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