I have a Kenmore Coldspot Refrigerator model 106.72132100 Purchased 03/2003. It has the feeezer on top and fridge on bottom. There was a layer of frost in freezer that was causing an ice buildup which wouldnt allow cold air to circulate to the fridge unit. I had repalced the thermostat and defrost heater coil as Fred from mySearscommunity had suggested. I had replaced this last night at 8pm PST after having the fridge and freezer completely off for 24hrs. I checked on fridge just right now at 11am PST and the freezer seems to be working fine with no forst buildup but the fridge doesnt seem to be as cold as I am used to when it is on setting 3. I am not sure what other issue this could be but I was hoping that replacing the heater condenser coil and thermostat would make fridge cold again but it isnt. Please help.Regards,Anthony


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  1. Anthonygr thank you for your question. If the Freezer is working fine then most likely the refrigerator section will soon catch up. Overnight is enough time for the freezer but the refrigerator section can take up to 24 hours to get as cold as it should. A defrost problem takes 3-4 days to ice up the freezer and prevent air circulation. Hopefully by the time you get home this afternoon the refrigerator will be colder for you. Let us know but I believe things will be okay. Thank you for using mySearscommunity and let us know how things go today.

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      When I open the fridge with freezer unit closed and I feel towards back where holes are to circulate cold air from freezer I don't feel cold air coming from those holes, am I supposed to?

      It has been a total of 18hrs so far since I replaced defrost heater coil and thermostat and the fridge seems cooler but not much more than when the original frost/ice buildup issue. Are there any other things that could cause fridge to not receive proper circulation? Currently there is nothing stored in my freezer and a couple water bottles in fridge. Just an FYI, I know the defrost heater coil is working because I saw it and felt it melting the minimal frost that built up earlier which is a good sign. Is the thermostat working correctly since I replaced yesterday which may cause improper circulation?

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      Anthony, There should be some air blowing in the back. It would not be very strong but you should feel it. This air is controled by the Air Damper which is control by the right hand **** which I believe is the refrigerator control. May sure this **** is adjusted to the coldest setting, the highest number, for the most air circulation. Keep in mind also that with little or no food in the unit it may not feel as cold. The damper, refrigerator control uses a rod to open and close the damper to adjust the air circulated to the refrigerator section. When you move the know do you feel any resistance? I hope this helps.

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      The freezer control is on the right side and the fridge control is on left. I had adjusted the fridge to from a level 3 to a level 5 which is the highest setting but still not a lot of air blowing from the back. I actually do feel a resistance when moving from a level 3 to a 5. I don't get this same resistance when adjusting freezer portion.

      When I was looking through freezer through the vents to fridge and adjusting the freezer I see a plastic vent slide in and out. I am not sure what that for but I leave freezer on level 3 not on level 5.

      Any suggestions on what issue still is. I barely feel any cool air from the open holes from freezer to fridge and I feel resistance when adjusting the fridge from "off" position all the way up to level 5. It is currently on level 5 and was on level 5 from 8pm last night to 11:30am this morning and I didn't think it was cool enough. The water bottles that are in there no have no condensation on them when I take them out of fridge and we are approaching 19hrs on fridge being constantly ran since I replaced parts last night.

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      Anthony, From the description you give the plastic slide is used to control the amount of air delivered to the refrigerator section from the freezer and may be your problem. I believe the freezer control moves this slide as turned/adjusted. For the problem you have the slide should be moved to the position with the vent open as wide as possible. This would be the freezer warmest setting. When you turn the **** do you see the slide move? There is a rod that connects. If the vent is open and there is still not enough air blowing then the next step would be to confirm the frost is gone in the freezer section. Was the frost build up completely defrosted when you changed the element? Is a thermometer available to check the temperature of the freezer and refrigerator section? If the fan is working and the vent is open then cold air should make it to the refrigerator section. I am sorry for the back and forth but this seems to be a subtle problem with no clear suspect.

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      Hi Fred,

      I had finally figured out what the problem was. after replacing the thermostat and defrost heater coil, I never put the back portion of freezer back on nor the bottom portion or the ice maker. After putting the back portion on, I realized that this is what is causes the freezer to channel the air into the fridge. I had done this last night around 5pm PST and I started to feel cold air circulating from the back. I woke up this morning and everything in fridge was cold. Thank you for all your help in helping me diagnose original issue of defrost thermostat and defrost heater coil. Both of those parts had cost a total of $38 so you had helped me save quite a bit of money as well.


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      That is great news, Anthonygr1980! Thanks for coming back to let us know you figured it out. We appreciate hearing about it!

  2. Hi there, Anthonygr1980! I am going to pass this along to Fred and the Experts right now. Look to hear from someone shortly!

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