I have a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher and the High Temp light doesn’t go on when I push it–is that okay?


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  1. Thank you for your question. Two things come to mind from the description of the problem you provide. The High Temp is an cycle option that provides hotter water for the cycle. It may be the High Temp light is simply out yet you can still select and run the cycle. A High Temp cycle will usually run longer than a regular wash cycle. You might notice more steam when the door is open at the end of the cycle. This would not be much of a problem or concern since the cycle is actually working.

    More likely the light not working indicates the keypad is not working and the High Temp option is not being selected. This would indicate a shorted or stuck keypad and the console would need to be replaced. If you never use the cycle then no problem. If it is an option you use often then you may want to consider replacing the console. You might want to check all of the cycles and option keypads/buttons and make sure the High Temp keypad is the only one that doesn't work.

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      I have an Elite too
      Model 665-13963-K014
      It beeps but I can't tell by the minutes whether the high temp is running.
      I was getting heated dries before selecting high temp but the high temp was like super heated dry.
      I do have service person coming out to replace an adjuster for a third time and to check this too

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      Hi there, kevinl921! Thanks for your question! The Appliance Expert will be by in a bit to let you know about the issue you are having with your dishwasher.

      I will send you an email letting you know once he responds.


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      Hi kevin1921, the Hi temperature wash is for certain cycles and operation of Hi Temp Wash is , Select this option to increase the water temperature during the wash portions of the cycle.
      Hi Temp Wash raises the water temperature to 145ºF (63ºC), in the main wash. Heating the water helps improve washing results. Hi Temp Wash is useful when loads contain baked-on food.
      This option adds heat, wash time and may add water to the cycle.
      NOTE: Hi Temp Wash is an option with the Pots Pans and Normal Wash cycles.
      This temperature allow the warmer dishes to sheet the water off and drys the dishes better. Hope this helps you. Bill

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      I've tried every cycle trying to make the light light once. It use to light at the start now doesn't.
      I hope your not suggesting I've selected the improper cycle

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      Kevinl921, Thank you for your question. If the led light does not illuminat when the High Temp Wash option is selected then the keypad is not working or the keypad is working but the light is bad. High Temp Wash option is a longer cycle with water heat in the wash and rinse cycles. The dishes would be hotter and dry better. Heater Dry is an option you should be able to select or not select. Make sure the Control Lock feature, see the Air Dry keypad is not selected or turned on. If you wish to check if the light is out or if the keypad is stuck then try running a regular wash cycle and time it. Then select the High Temp Wash option and time it. The High Temp Wash should be the longer cycle if it is being selected and working.

  2. Hi Rambriel! Thanks for posting your question today. I am going to have the Appliance Expert answer all of your questions right on this one thread. If you could also let us know your model number, that would be helpful so they can accurately respond. Check back right here soon for a reply. Thanks!

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