I have a kenmore elite he4 electric dryer and it will not turn on. ther is power to the dryer because the lights are working. when I set the timer and press the start button it just beeps 3 quick beeps and will not start. Can anyone tell me what it could be?


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  1. Clayton, thank you for your question. I am sorry for the problem with your dryer. From the description you give there are two suspects. The problem is likely with the door switch and the lights are blinking because the control thinks the door is open or the problem is the thermal fuse. The thermal fuse is behind the lower access panel and should be checked for continuity if a meter ia available. Both the door switch and thermal fuse make great do-it-yourself projects.

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      Thank you. You said that this could be a great do it yourself job, where do I find instructions to begin

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      KimHamm, Fred is not here today, so I'm stepping in to help you. Unfortunately, there are not any instruction manuals for this. However, a good place to start with the lid switch, will be to manually press the switch button. It should make a clicking sound. If there is no sound, it will indicate the switch has failed. If it does make this sound, next check to see if the door is making good contact with the switch button. If both of these checks are ok, the next check will be with the thermal fuse. First, disconnect the power from the unit. Now, remove the bottom panel and you will be able to see the blower housing under the drum. The thermal fuse will be mounted on top of the housing. Based on using model # 11085091400, there will probably be a light blue wire connected to both terminals on this fuse. A good check will be to disconnect these wires and connect them together. Make sure they do not touch anything and now reconnect the power and turn the unit on. If it runs now, the thermal fuse # 3392519 will need to be replaced. Do not use the dryer with the fuse bypassed. If you would like more specific assistance, reply with the complete model number and we will assist you further. I hope this will help you.