I have a kenmore elite microwave model 88523, just shut down and on the display it shows “TE” what does it mean and what do I need do.


2 answers

  1. Based on that error code, I suspect that you have a Kenmore Elite microwave that has a full model number of 401.88523. On that model, the TE error code indicates that you have a problem with the touch keypad comminication between the control panel and the main control circuit board. A service technician will need to diagnose and repair that type of internal problem in the microwave. Microwaves are dangerous to service. It is not recommended that you attempt to complete any microwave repair on your own. You can schedule service by calling that number posted below (1-800-4MY-HOME).

  2. I have a feeling you bought your microwave about 3 years ago. It's a temperature sensor error code. I recommend calling 800 4 MY HOME.

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