I have a Kenmore French door fridge that labored through the heat wave in Boston last week. We were away on vacation and came home to melted ice cubes and spoiled food in the fridge. I am guessing the fridge had a problem while we were gone. My husband did a thorough vac of the motor area, where it says to not remove the cover panel, and has gotten the fridge to return to 35-38F. The freezer will not get below 18F even after running the controls through a few tests that he found online. My model number is 795.77312600. I had the interior light problem a few years ago and had that assembly replaced already. No further light problems.


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  2. Thank you for your question. From the description of the problem I suspect a compressor or sealed system problem but there are some things you should check first. Using the vacuum around the compressor was a great first step. The rear panel does need to be in place to assist in the proper air movement but I believe you can remove the cover to vacuum the condenser coils. If the coils are covered with lint or other debris then the cooling will be affected. You can also touch the condenswer coils while the unit is running to check how hot the condenswer is. The condersor coils are curled up by the compressor. Check if the coils are hot to the touch. The condenser coils will be hot if the unit is working correctly. If the condenser is not hot then there is likely a sealed system or compressor problem. The condenser fan also needs to be working as well as the fan in the freezer section. If the condenser fan is not working then the compressor can overheat and shut down for awhile. During the heat wave with everyone using their air conditioner there may have been a voltage isssut but once the voltage is okay the unit should have started cooling properly. The freezer should reach approximately 0 degrees. I hope this information is helpful to you.

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      The condenser was vac'd 24hr ago and was warm, not hot. Condenser fan working. Lots of water in drip pan at that time.

      Now, compressor is hot and often not running that I can tell. Internal fan appears to work.

      Are there any electronic diagnostics on this model that I can run? Could it be a frosted up evaporator?

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      11PM EST: fridge set at 35, thermometre reads 35. But freezer set for -6 and thermometer reads +10.

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      7:30 AM Wed: fridge 35 degrees still but now freezer is at -5degrees!

      Forgot to mention that yesterday morning after 1st note to you that we took several inches of ice off the floor and drawer of freezer. It has been running empty ever since but apparently cooling down.

      Is this now "cured"? What do you think is/was happening?

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      Thank you for your reply with the additional information. From the additional information we know the condenser is warm but not hot. The unit is freezing but it should do better than +10 degrees. The ice on the floor of the freezer indicates a clogged drain even though the drain pan is full of water. The fans all seem to work. The rear wall of the freezer might be covered with frost if there is a defrost problem. On this particular model I believe you have to remove the ice maker to remove the rear panel of the freezer so we will not make this out first step. The problem might also be a inefficient compressor or a sealed system problem Only a technician will have the equipement to check those potential problems so we will try that last. This model does display error codes if there is a component problem. The code would be displayed on the display control windows. If there is a defrost sensor failur for instance you might see a Er in the Refrigerator control display with an dS displayed on the freezer side. So far no error codes have been mentioned. There is a diagnostic test for the Defrost Heater. To enter the Defrost heater test press the Ultra Ice Keypad and the Colder Key of the Freezer for at least 3 seconds. This will put you into Test 1. The compressor will run. Next push the same two buttons again and you will enter Test 2. The display whould show a 2. Push the same two buttons again and you will enter Test 3, the defrost heater test. The display LED should show a 3. The defrost heater should come on. If you listen you may hear the sizzle and pop when the element starts to melt the frost. The test sequence can be tricky. If you wish to eliminate a defrost problem there is another way you might find easier. Simply move the frozen food into the refrigerator section and turn the unit off overnight with the freezer door open. This will enable all the frost and ice in the freezer to melt. It should also clear up the drain that clogged and allowed ice on the floor. Next morning turn the unit back on and give it 24 hours to freeze properly. If the freezer stays at +10 then it would be time to call in a technician. I hope this helps.

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      Thanks, will give it a try

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