I have a kenmore fridge model # 596.78573801 and the temp is reading 84 degrees. My house is cooler than that…the freezer is reading 58degrees. it has no weird sounds, no frost, everything is clean, and sounds like it always has with a real light running sound….but everything is ruined…all my food is waste, What can i do to fix this. I can’t afford some tech to come and charge me a **** load of money


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  1. Hi kiedjess, Well from what you have stated, there could be two different things wrong with your refrigerator. The first is the compressor is not comong on if you are hearing the evaporator fan motor running. The second thing is the compressor is running and there is a leak in the sealed system. Both of the problems would require a certified technician out to repair the refrigerator. You could use on any unthawed food dry ice and a cooler. Walgreens sells dry ice. I would recommend you call a techniciamn and get the refrigerator repaired. Sorry but the problem is too intense for a easy repair. Call this number to get the repair in motion 1-800-469-4663.

  2. Hi kiedjess! Welcome to MySears! Sorry your fridge is not working properly. Your best course of action is to give the folks at Sears Home Service a call. They will be able to let you know what the next step is to get your fridge repaired.


    I am also going to send this along to the Appliance Experts to see if they can offer a tip or two, as well. Once a response is posted, I'll let you know via email.


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