I have a Kenmore front loader 41744052400 that does everything but the final spin. It fills,washes, tumbles, drains, and spins on wash and rinse cycles but on last spin cycle it will drain but not spin. I ran the diagnostic and got an error code of E43 which per the chart says to replace the control board, which I did and still have the same problem. I tested the door lock assembly and it is functioning right, so now I am stuck. ?? I did not test the motor speed board but if it was bad the parts place said it would be $170.oo so then after the $150.oo I already spent on the board it wouldn’t be worth it. Is there anytning else it could be?? Thanks.

I also ran the test with the dial which lets you run through different functions manually and the last test is the drain and spin test and it WILL drain and SPIN!! but not when it is not in test mode.


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  1. Gi2g2bu, Thank you for your question though I am sorry about the washer problem. Do not buy the speed control board. If the washer will tumble, fill, wash then the speed control is likely okay. When the washer does everything but the final spin my first suggestion is to enter and run a diagnostic test. If the machine will spin in the diagnostic test but not a regular cycle then the door lock is most likely the problem even if it checks okay. You have an electronic model with display so the procedure to enter the diagnostic test is as follows: If the timer dial can be rotated 360 degress then the start position is Drain/Spin. If the timer **** can not be rotated 360 degrees then the start position is Touch Up. Next press the Pause/Cancel button to turn off the LED display lights.WITHIN 5 SECONDS press and hold the Option and Pause/Cancel till the LED lights start moving sequentially chansing each other. You are now in the test. Turn the timer **** 1 click CW and the hot water should start to fill. Next turn one more click and the hot water will work. Turn the **** again and cold water will start to fill. The third turn will bring on the dispensers. 4th turn locks door, 5th turn unlocks door. You may hear a click. 6th click washer should fill and start to tumble. 8th turn the washer should drain and spin. The last click will display an errors. If the washer will spin in the test but will not in the actual cycle then replace the door lock to solve this problem.

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      Thank you so much. Yes it will drain & spin in the test mode, so I will replace the door lock assembly. I appreciate so much your taking the time to answer.

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