I have a Kenmore front-loading automatic washer model 796.4027. The warm and hot water cycle does not warm or get hot. How do I fix this so the warm water and hot water cycle perform as the cycle is meant to work?


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  1. Hi Aleg, The washer is not showing an error code is it? It would look like tE in the display. That would be a thermistor error code and this would require service. If you checked the temperatures inside the drum after if had filled with the selected water you should find using a thermometer hot is 122 degrees and warm is 104 degrees. This is after a fill of the water temperature selected. If this was the case and it checked low you could have a thermistor fault or a built-in heater fault. But the good news in all of this is your washer has Smart Connect and if you dial this number and follow the prompts the washer will be hooked to computer and checked out on the line while you wait. The number is 1-888-248-1571. Then you will know what is wrong and what needs to be repaired if anything. Good Luck Bill

      • San Jose, CA

    Check your hot water supply hose to make sure; the valve is on supplying hot water, the hose is not clogged and that there is a good flow of hot water running through the hose, utilizing a bucket.

    Another thing worth looking into is the condition of any hose screens in the hose or attached to the hot water inlet of the washer.

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