I have a Kenmore Gas Range, model number 790.7231 can I self-clean the stove top grates? The grates have little legs that they rest on and I don’t know what material they are made of and if they will melt during the self-clean cycle.


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  1. Fred is right. Don't put the grates in the oven. Grates and burner caps can be cleaned with Gas Grate Cleaner, sold at every Sears store.

  2. The stove top grates are not meant to be cleaned in the self clean cycle. The temperature in the self clean cycle is so extreme the grates/finish may be damage. The best way to clean the grates is in the high temp cycle of your dishwasher. You can also use a non abrasive cleaner to manualy clean the grates. Be sure to let the grates completely cool before cleaning.

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      Darn! Wished I had seen this earlier. Had read somewhere else that putting the stove top grates in the self clean cycle would clean them. I did that and now all the black coating came off and they are a different color and dull (like almost a burn orangish). Trying to figure out if I can save them by using a stove/food save/high temp type paint. They are old and I had debated whether to just buy new ones, but would like to save them and redo if I can. We plan to remodel our kitchen in a few years and that likely will mean a new stove top. Any specific suggestions at this point?

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      Hello mommykinz. I am not aware of any high temperature paint that would work to restore the color to those grates. You can try cleaning them with a specific grate cleaner designed for those components. It is part number 316119700. You can order that part from Cleaning the grates may fix your problem until you replace the range. The only other solution is to replace the grates.

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