I have a kenmore gas stove, Model number 790.70502011, the burners on the top work great. My oven will not heat up. The igniter glows brightly, red, but there does not seem to be any gas released in order to heat the oven…..


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  1. mosogood, Thank you for your question. From the description you give I suspect the gas valve is the problem. The top burners work so there is a gas supply. The bake igniter in the oven glows brightly so if there is no flame I suspect the valve 3203459 is the problem. You can obtain the valve at the following link: .

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      Is this something that my husband can replace himself or will i need to call a repairman?

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      Is this something that my husband can switch or do I need to have a repairman come in and do it. This saftey valve is a little on the expensive side.....oh well it is wh it

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      mosogoo, replacing the safety valve is really not very difficult. First, close the supply gas valve to the oven and disconnect the power. Now, open the oven door and remove the shelf and the oven floor. With the floor removed, you will see the baffle covering the burner. Remove the baffle and now you will see the burner. The safety valve is located under the burner. Remove the burner and now, disconnect the gas line from the valve and the wires. Now remove the valve and install the new valve. I hope this will help you. If you do not feel confident making this repair, you can call for service at 1-800-469-4663 to schedule a tech to come out.

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