I have a Kenmore Model 795.7724 refridgerator. It seem to get warm inside and noticed that the lights are not going off and the cover for the light was melted. Why is this happening and what do I need to do?


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  1. There is a known issue with this model of Kenmore Elite refrigerator regarding the refrigerator lights staying on. The manufacturer warranty has been extended for the life of the refrigerator to cover this type of failure. The repair should be covered along with any damage that occurred to the light reflector and cover. I recommend that you call Sears at 1-800-469-4663 to schedule a Sears Technician to fix this problem. You will likely need to agree to a service charge for the repair to be set up in the system. Once the technician visits your home and verifies that the failure is caused by this known issue, the repair will be covered under the warranty.

  2. This matter has been discussed at the following Sears website thread:

  3. This is a well known and well documented failing of these LG built appliances. You may be interested in a proposed class action suite at: Your model number is included. Additionall the matter has been well discussed at the following thread on another Sears site, here: Good Luck