I have a Kenmore Progressive canister vacuum. It has had an issue since purchase where the power head fades in and out when using. I have had it repaired 3 or 4 times but the warranty is now up and it’s back to fading. Is there any way I can fix it on my own?


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  1. This might be a difficult do-it-yourself problem to pin down. A model number and the part that was replaced previously would be helpful. The power fading is usually associated with the motor. A bad switch would generally cause the motor to run or not run. From the description you give the power mate head seems to fade out during use. Does this mean the brush turns slower or do you mean the suction varies during use? Please reply back with a model number and some additional information about the problem for further assistance. The power mate turning slower might indicate a motor or loose connection problem. The suction dropping out might be a motor problem or a partial clog in the system though from the description and history you provide I do not suspect a clog.

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      Good morning, The model number for my vacuum is 116.25914503. I didn't keep a record of the part that was replaced 3 times before but it had something to do with the connection between the powerhead and the wand that connected directly at the powerhead. There is definitely not a clog. What happens when I turn on the vacuum and attach the powerhead is the power head powers down. It is not a suction issue nor is it an issue with the brush turning slower. The powerhead clearly goes off and on. I will try to contact Sears today to see if they can give me a history on the machine. I really can't afford a new machine nor can I afford a large repair bill at this time. Thank you for your help!

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    To see if we can help you further, I have escalated your concerns to our Sears Experts to see if they can help with some troubleshooting tips for you. Once a response is provided I will contact via email letting you know that a response has posted.

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