i have a Kenmore stove and I was wondering if it has a reset button if a loose connection threw the switch and when I plug it back in nothing comes on?


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  1. Hi Walker69, The reange doesn't have a reset button but it has a thermal fuse inside of the unit. If something like a short happens the fuse will open and kill the power. I would recommend you visit this site and set up a service call for the repair of the range.
    Thank you for contacting Sears.

  2. Welcome, Walker69! Thanks for posting your question on the MySears Community today! I am sure the Appliance Experts will be able to help you to troubleshoot the issue you are having with your stove. If you could also provide the model number of your stove, that would be especially useful to give you the most accurate answer.

    An Expert will be by shortly with a response. Once he posts, I will contact you via email with a link back to this thread.


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      Hello Walker69, thanks for the question about your range. I can say that most ranges and oven do not have a reset button. Normally if the range/oven will not come on at all there has been a component failure and you will need to call a service technician. Before you call be sure to reset the breakers by pushing them completely off then back on.

      Ron H.

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      where is the reset button located on a kenmore electric stove?

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      Welcome, Karolalyce! Hang in there! I will send this inquiry on to the Appliance Expert to reply. He'll be by in a bit with an answer.


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