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I have a Kenmore washer model #417.44042400 and dryer model #417.88042700 that I need to know if they are stackable. When I purchased the dryer we were told they were but the installation people said no.d


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      I have a Kenmore dryer 417.44042400 and a 41748102701 Washer, so I don't know how different is from yours, but after researching I found a stacking kit model 134467300 at sears and repair clinic dot com, I hope this helps you.

  2. I did confirm that there is no mounting kit to install a new dryer on an older washer with a mechanical timer. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this will cause but there is no stack kit for this particular situation.

  3. I believe I will have to agree with the installation people. There does not seem to be a kit to mount a newer dryer with electronic control to an older washer with a mechanical timer. There are multiple kits available for stacking the washer and dryer. There is a kit for stacking dryers with mechanical timers on top of washers with mechanical timers built after 1996. There is a kit for stacking a dryer with an electronic control on top of a washer with an electronic control. There is a kit for mounting older dryers on top of older washers. There doesn't seem to be a kit to mount a newer electronic control dryer on top of an older Mechanical timer washer. The kits can be confusing and I'm sorry you were mis-informed about mounting the newer dryer on top of an older washer. It is the weekend and I will confirm this on Monday so give me a chance to verify this since things can change over time.

  4. Hi jad2! One of the Appliance Experts should be able to let you know if these stack. Check back on this thread in a bit for a reply.

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